Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Correct Information

Hello fellow readers,

About two weeks ago a disheartening thought crossed my mind: I hadn't drawn the figure for almost four months. Four! I was outraged! And I called myself an artist?! Therefore, in a rare act of spontaneity, I ran to FEWS, busted open the door, and simply... drew. It felt amazing! (Especially busting the door open; that was fantastic...).

That day was important, though, not because I made a terrific entrance, but because I had the following realization: "It's not about how fast you draw, but about how quickly you put down correct information." (I believe it was Bobby Chiu who said it first, but who's counting?) So, instead of rushing to finish the figure, I started to look. It was as if something clicked: all of the sudden I became much more aware of the anatomy, the structure, which the the body is composed of. I felt I was beginning to understand the figure more thoroughly. Quite the experience.

Anyway, not all the drawings are great (they range from 1-3 minutes), but I wanted to share them with the you.

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